Founded in 1994 and capitalized in 1995 by Michael W. Masters, Masters Capital Management is an investment management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Firm’s history traces its roots back to the founder’s collegiate swimming career. A four year All-American and captain of the University of Tennessee swim team, Masters channeled his competitive spirit into a passion for financial markets and investment strategy. He established a long-biased US equity hedge fund, and 23 years later, it remains under his firm's management with a focus of growing via performance.

The Firm presently manages four hedge funds and is the trading adviser for another; all funds are traded pari passu. The flagship fund was launched in 1995. Early investors became partners in the continued growth of the funds, which was the beginning of a long- term limited partnership base. Today, the general partner and its affiliates in aggregate represent the largest investors across the fund group.

Masters Capital Management staff includes 18 professionals in the following areas:

  • 7 fundamental and quantitative analysts who perform investment research.
  • 4 portfolio management, trading and strategy associates.
  • Compliance, technical support, accounting and investor relations staff.